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The Pasanqui Solar company offers you an extensive catalog of ecological heating stoves or pellet stoves. We currently work with 3 product lines, the first and main one is the prestigious Italian-made PIAZZETTA brand, the second is the SUPERIOR brand that belongs in turn to the Piazzetta company and finally also of Italian production, which is what we put at your service through our virtual store for your purchase. For the acquisition of Piazzetta or Superior stoves, you must contact our commercial agents.


The so-called pellet stoves or fireplaces are ecological heating machines that can be divided into 3 fundamental groups.

  • Ventilation stoves for living room or living room.
  • Ductable air heaters for distribution in other rooms or departments
  • Hydro-stoves to provide heating to radiators or underfloor heating
  • Pellet inserts
  • Ductable air inserts
  • Hydro-insertable

These stoves have the particularity of working solely and exclusively with good quality pine PELLET, which is the most significant difference with respect to traditional wood stoves.

Depending on the product family that we select within the vast range of stoves, we find machines equipped with a greater number of components inside, circulation pumps and expansion vessels inside, as well as electronic cards or information display on their fronts, etc. Pasanqui Solar has at your service in biomass stoves power ranges from 6 kW in simple ventilation to 30 kW in domestic stoves to provide heating in homes with up to 3 floors.


The answer is frankly simple. It is an ecological stove, DOES NOT POLLUTE. Economically speaking, it has no known rival today when it comes to fuel prices. Being completely closed DOES NOT STAIN, nor does it produce possible fires, when we leave home we can leave it quietly working. It is a new generation of programmable machines that are intelligent and can also work from a thermostat that turns them on and off. Optionally they are supplied with a remote control so that we do not have to get up from the sofa to have to re-insert the log of firewood.


As we said before with biomass boilers, we need to periodically clean the combustion chamber with an ash vacuum cleaner, opening the door, removing the ashtray and that's it !!! Once a year our technical service must check the levels of dirt with our gas analysis equipment to guarantee a long life of the device.

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