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Within the field of solar thermal collectors, thermosiphonic equipment is very common, these devices are composed of a solar panel, a water accumulation tank and an aluminum structure that is usually anchored to the ground or to the roof of the roof. property where it is to be installed. Thermosiphonic systems are usually cheaper than forced installations, since in this type of installation no circulating pumps or switchboards or differential controls are required, which generally complicate the installation and therefore require much more maintenance. These equipments generally carry the water accumulation tank on top of the solar collector resting on the structure that supports the solar panel and on a kind of cradle so that once installed there is no risk of possible falls, generally the tanks of Accumulation usually range in volumes of 120, 150, 200, 300 and 400 liters of water. According to the CTE and the studies carried out by our Ministry of Industry, we know that 70% of thermosiphonic equipment is installed in southern Spain, compared to 30% of forced or split systems with collectors above the roof, while the deposit is installed. found in other places with their respective circulation pumps and the rest of the elements necessary for the installation. On the contrary, in the north of Spain, the figure is inverted and the forced system is used more than the thermosiphonic, the reason is very simple since the performance or efficiency of these forced equipment is higher as we explain in the installations section forced.

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