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Vacuum tube equipment appears within the field of solar collectors. These units are made up of glass tubes that, with a cylindrical shape, take advantage of the heat in a more efficient way than the classic collectors or flat collectors, exceeding the performance compared to flat ones by up to 190%. This is the most advanced technology in the field of solar thermal energy, because the tubes that make up the collector take advantage of solar radiation in a more efficient way, being very effective in adverse weather conditions, such as cloudy days, rainy days ... which, without a doubt, is when we most need the energy supply, either for domestic hot water or for heating. This system can work both as a forced installation and as a thermosiphonic system. Within the fields of solar thermal energy, the vacuum tube is considered the most efficient system, but in turn, in climatic zones with high heat radiation, this type of system must be installed correctly with security systems, such as 160º cut-off valves, as well as automatic drains and 6 BAR valves, since the stagnation temperature of these equipments is very high and we can have problems in the main summer months. The vacuum tubes are made up of a double glass tube, between whose walls a very high vacuum is produced (0'005 pa). The dimensions of these tubes are very similar to fluorescent tubes, ranging from 60 mm in diameter and 180 cm in length. TYPES OF VACUUM TUBES Direct flow. In this case, the carrier fluid, or propylene glycol, is circulating inside the tube, heating up throughout the closed circuit of the installation. This system is the oldest but not the least effective in the vacuum tube system. Heat-pipe. In this mode, what we try is to eliminate overheating problems, especially in climatic areas with abundant heat. Here we use a fluid, which when heated, evaporates, rising to a heat exchanger that is located at the end of the upper part of the tube, it absorbs a lower amount of heat, with which, we prevent the tubes from being damaged or explode. They tend to have less heat losses at night, unlike the so-called Direct Flow equipment.

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