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Self-consumption is fundamentally based on the reduction of electricity consumption without injection of any surplus produced by the installation made to the electricity grid. This allows us to supply ourselves with the energy produced by our solar panels by placing it in our property, home, business, hotel, factory, camping, gym, etc. a renewable energy installation as well as photovoltaic or wind solar energy.

In this type of instantaneous self-consumption facilities, all the energy produced IS NOT STORED in batteries, IT IS NOT INJECTED TO THE NETWORK, so this NO INJECTION can be guaranteed by the following procedures. Carry out a calculation of the installation itself so that it is less than the expected consumption. Have management systems that can limit the power generated by photovoltaic inverters. The first of the options allows us to use the classic investors that we usually find in the market, that is, conventional investors. The second option allows reaching levels of self-consumption of up to 100% thus guaranteeing NO INJECTION TO THE NETWORK.

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